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Adding Your Name

Oregon Cyclewear only sells jerseys. For adding a name or logo you can call on your local embroidery shop, or we have an option on checkout to deliver your order to (Spectrum Embroidery) in Beaverton Oregon.  Spectrum has been doing embroidery for many of our customers for over a decade. They have all previous designs on file if you have added a name or logo in the past. If you want to use Spectrum please read below instructions before ordering your jerseys.


 1. Order the number of wool jerseys you need.

 2. When you check out choose “Drop Off Service” for your shipping method. We will then deliver to Spectrum not your shipping address on order. We only charge $1 for this service.

 3. Spectrum will ship your jersey(s) to you and charge you for both the embroidery and shipping. It is recommended to email Spectrum your logo or name for a quote before ordering jerseys from our site.

Please Note: Average time for Spectrum to ship orders is 30 days.





Spectrum does not sell our products and is a embroidery shop only. Please direct jersey questions to us and custom name and logo questions to them.