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We are a small company, our only advertising comes from word of mouth to save you money. Please spread the word.

 "Hi Chad,

"I just got back from a road ride with two pals to find a box from you on my porch. Thanks for the short sleeve Rogue Jersey (black with orange). I took it out of the box and put it on and feel like I might just wear it until April. I’d sleep in this thing. I could do everything in it. Merino - natures chain mail. Wow! Thanks for making such great stuff. Im telling all my friends and hope they inundate you with orders in the coming days. Gonna be a great wet cold Winter! Cant wait. Im ready. Just wanted to let you know I got my jersey and immediately fell in love with it. 

Joe Lindsay - Ashland Oregon

"What can I say!!! We are so, so thrilled with the jerseys, the quality, the embroidery, the first class customer service...everything. I took them into the shop yesterday and by the end of the day we'd sold twelve of the eighteen. We may have to revise the sales pitch of these being 'strictly a one off so

grab while you can'. Expect another order. Thanks again for a great buying experience."

Rob Dix - Elsenham, Great Britain

"Chad & Gary, Second run of jerseys was once again great. Part of me wishes the jerseys & embroidery sucked cause then I wouldn't want one for every day of the week.

David Tennant - Gatineau, Canada

"Just a quick note to say that my husband (also Chad, coincidentally) absolutely loves his new jersey.  And he was really excited that it arrived so quickly. Thanks very much and hope you and your shop have a happy and successful 2021."

Sarah Greene - Seattle, WA

"Hi Chad, We are super happy with the jersey order. Quality, fit and comfort are top notch. Spectrum did a ace job on the logo too. I’m sure we’ll be ordering more in the future. Thanks for your good work!,
George Retseck - Coopersburg, PA

"The jerseys are outstanding. Already being asked by fellow riders where I got the “Shut Up Legs” short sleeve top from. Fantastic wool, outstanding quality construction and embroidery, incredible value for money and absolutely fit for purpose. Want more but its going to be hard to hide them from my better half! Cheers

Peter – Melbourne, Australia. 

"Chad/Gary, Wanted to tell you both that I got my new Jersey today and it's "beautiful"!!  The quality and lettering are outstanding.  Thanks much, and I plan on wearing it in the California L'Eroica this April 8-10. Cheers,

Geoff Brown - Templeton, CA

"Got the Jerseys yesterday!  They are FABULOUS!!  BIg hit with Velo Club Monterey.  I see another order in our future, I may even be stupid enough to head it up. Thanks again, your customer service was second to none.  Appreciate the quick turn around.

Loren Bailey - Monterey, CA

"The jerseys got here yesterday and I must say that it far exceeds my expectations. The flock lettering is crisp and clean, and the texture of the Merino is so soft and luxurious that I hesitate to even think about wearing any of my other jerseys. I will have to order a long sleeve version for the fall! Thanks again,

Greg Anderson (Hooterville Mayor) - Brandon, SD

"Mate, Got the jerseys today and they are awesome. Great work - will have to order more soon. Cheers,

Ian Lee - Launceston, Australia

"Hi Chad,  I went ahead and ordered one of your short sleeve jerseys anyways and it is now, by far, my favorite jersey.  I’ve never had a wool cycling jersey before; now it’s all I want to wear.  Really great quality too.  My wife actually thought it was some kind of dress shirt/sweater (certainly not for cycling) when I first tried it on.

Rick Fisette - Bedford, MA

" I received the jersey today and wow, I am impressed. The fit and finish is finely done. Other wool jerseys I've tried have been saggy or blousy with a poor fit, but yours are truly a great fit. I love it! I plan on ordering many more now that I have found the perfect riding jersey! "

Andy Coulter - Bremerton, WA.

" Chad, we received our jerseys Saturday and they look great! In 24 hours we sold 15 of them. Thanks for the considerate service. "

Jack Madden - Providence RI.

"Hey Chad...I just received the trainer.... I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!  In fact, I'm going out to dinner with friends and I'm going to wear it!! Thank you so much... I think I'm going to need to order a jersey now."

 Cheri Fager - New Tripoli, PA

" Chad, Thank you for getting the jerseys out to me. They are absolutley beautiful. The material is amazing. Much softer than any Merino Wool I've ever worn. I'm sure I'll be in touch again.... Thanks so much".

Ken Newman - San Francisco, CA.

"Chad, I got my jersey today and it's absolutley gorgeous! Thank you so much for your wonderfull work, I look forward to wearing it this weekend at the big race. The finish work is wonderfull, everything about it is absolutley cool...Talk to you soon".

Gary Boulanger - Springboro, OH.

"I received my jersey today and... I just wanted to say that it's awesome. The jersey looks really good and the good people at Spectrum Embroidery did a fantastic work. I have written to Ruth there, but I wanted to thank you as well.

Kalle Malinen - Sweden

" I just recieved my order for three of your wool jerseys. Just wanted to let you know that they look great, and feel super. The very affordable customization also makes them unique and a fantastic value. Count me as another VERY satisfied customer".

Todd Doherty - Dover, DE.

" Chad, the weather finally demanded a long sleeve jersey ride: All I can say is WOW! The jersey is heavier than my 3 Woolistics- it is much more wind resistant- look for another order in the next couple of weeks."

Lonnie Mulder- Elkhorn, NE.

"I ordered 7 jerseys from your company. They just arrived (in Belgium). Importing goods from afar without having seen them is an adventure, so I was rather anxious about the whole undertaking. and now, perfectly happy. the quality of the jersey’s exceeds what I was expecting. They are simply top! Thank you.

Patrick Vandeputte - Antwerpen, Belgium


"I got my jersey today. The lettering is really well done, and the wool jersey is of the highest quality. I will definitely order some more jerseys from you in the future".

Karl Wilcox - Las Vegas, Nevada

I can wait.  They're my favorite pair of knickers.  I won a $160 pair of Chrome knickers recently, wore them twice and the fabric is fraying.  Compare this to my Oregon Cycle knickers that I've worn hundreds of times over the past year and they look as good as new.  They're great pants at a great price.  I'll gladly wait. 

Michael Douglas - Bennington, NE

" Chad, the jerseys are spectacular. Thanks, look for a new order later today or tomorrow. Have a awesome day".

Earl Walker Jr. - Leadville, CO.

"I rec'd my jersey today - everything about it is excellent. The fabric quality and lettering are simply the best. Thanks"

Ken Farran - New Market, MD.

"WOW, what a wonderful looking and feeling jersey, thanks so much for the work and quality that has been placed in making it. Hope to give you many more orders!"

Mark Brackett - Shelby, NC.

"Dude, got the jerseys.... they look awesome!"

The Red Barn fellas - Hamilton, Mo.

"Chad, Got the jersey. My wife took it and won't give it back. It looks great. I will be placeing the order for 24 pieces.

Joseph  G. Neuwirth - Gainesville, GA.

"WORTH THE WAIT!! The jerseys arrived yesterday and they are great! The embroidery is fantastic, the wool a high quality and the old school look the best! Well done and thank you!"

Jon Boles - Bakersfield, CA

"We just received our trainers and they are all that we had hoped and dreamed. We are so pleased that we're planning to, not only order some jerseys, but also name something important after you."

Cliff - Edmonton, AB.

"Thanks Chad... they are awesome. I wore mine on Sunday and at least three of the guys I was with were interested in buying their own."

Dave Frank - Gladstone, OR.

"The jerseys arrived today, and they look GREAT! I may have to send my brother his birthday present a few months early so that he can enjoy it during the season. Thanks again for all the help. you've got a great product!"

Matt Dubberke - Iowa City, IA

"Chad: The jerseys arrived yesterday, They are fantastic and well worth the wait. thanx again,"

Agustin A. - La Jolla, CA

"Hi Chad, I want to congratulate you on your service and product.  The jerseys arrived promptly and exactly as described. The quality of fit and finish is excellent. I have now put quite a few kilometers (miles) in with them and wish I had bought them years ago. Keep up the good work. Kind regards,

John Moug - Bellarine, Australia

"They look spectacular! Thanks.

Elliott Bay Bicycles - Seattle, WA.

"Hi, The jerseys are fantastic, I've been wearing mine for about 5 hours now, I don't ever want to take it off! Thank you again for the jerseys. I hope I have an excuse to buy some more in the future. Cheers."

Edward Kenney-Herbert / Oxford University Cycling Club, United Kingdom.

"Our jerseys arrived last week and they are fantastic. The wool is not like the wool jerseys of old. They look great, thanks!"

Shawn Downing - Baltimore, MD

"Bought one of your jerseys last year. Down here in Houston I'm a bit scared about riding in a wool jersey since its so humid and hot most of the year, I'm afraid of overheating. On a cold December day I went out for a short ride and it worked great. Went out today (80 degrees) and was comfy. Thanks for your efforts."

Steve - Houston, TX

"Chad, they arrived yesterday. AWESOME. I really like the red. We will likely have another order when you get your new shippment. Once people see these, they will want them. Thanks again."

Alan Sampson - BikeMojo.com

"Just letting you know that some weeks ago our wool jerseys did arrive. At this stage they have met and exceeded my expectation of what you promised to deliver. Cheers."

Garry Segerman - Tucson, AR.

"Hi Chad, Got the box of jerseys. They look SO awesome. Wade wore his out on a ride last weekend, and said it was perfect! Everyone is very excited about them, super high quality, and you've been great to work with. I'll let you know when we have another order ready!"

Jessica Born - Bend, Or.

"Hi Chad, The jerseys are great. So good in fact that we need to order more due to demand after I wore one to our MTB season kick off ride/party. Thanks!"

Steve Martins - Hardcore Cycling Club - Edmonton, CA.

"Chad, The jerseys arrived today & they are spectacular! Thank you for your patience & communication skills. I look forward to ordering from you for a third time! All the best,"

Lonnie Mulder - Lincoln, NE

"Thanks Chad! The jerseys are AWESOME. Were all happy. We'll likely put another big order in."

Rosie , Paramount Bicycle Repair - Somerville MA

"Hello Chad, Got my long sleeve red shop jersey in the mail, fantastic fit/comfort. Lots of friendly inquiries, will recommend your website at the Wine Country Century this weekend.

Jack Hartnett - Santa Rosa, CA.

"Chad: Thanks for the jersey. It looks great, and was better quality and appearance than I had even expected. I tried it on on Saturday and really found it to fit well and feel great. Took it out for its maiden voyage on Sunday. Weather was cool and damp at the start, but I was very comfortable. What surprised me most however was that as the sun came out and the temperature rose, the jersey remained extremely comfortable. Great product! Can't wait for the Shacers. I will be ordering more of these.

Scott A Seelhoff - Dallas, TX

"My jersey which you sent with my last order is amazing. I've ridden and raced in it continually ever since I got it. It never smells and when I do wash it it goes through my machine on a 30 degree C. wool wash no problems (I no I'm not meant to). My synthetic jerseys are going to last forever because I can't bring myself to wear them... Cheers again,

Edward K Herbert - Oxford England

'I bought a jersey from you a few weeks ago. I took it to Spain with me for a 2 week tour. What a wonderful jersey! Warm, cool, comfortable and it still doesn't stink after two weeks of riding. Thanks, I have nothing but great praise for your product!

Wendy Sharp - Kenosha, WI

"Chad, Just wanted to let you know how great the Team Tanuki jerseys look. I'll try to send some photo's from the big event."

Greg Hill - New York, NY

"Hi, Thanks for getting my jerseys down here to Australia in under 2 weeks! It not only looks great and feels great, but a great price too. I'm gonna live in mine!"

Tim Rodrigo - Melbourne, Australia

 "Chad: What a magnificent garment! Great style, tailoring, construction. Even the base of the zipper lays flat (a frequent trouble spot with all woolen jerseys I've owned). Totally satisfied. I will not rest till my friends and fellow riders have abandoned synthetics. I will be back for more in the months to come! "

James Ballot - Leonia, NJ


"I just received my new jerseys and could not be happier. I am sold! You can expect that I will be back for all of my jerseys going forward. The long sleeve jerseys are a great weight for most of my cooler weather riding. Maybe add a windblock panel under the jersey as temperatures approach freezing. Looking forward to ordering some short sleeves in the near future."

Roger Kummert - San Francisco, CA

"The jersey is AWESOME!  I can't believe the quality and I'm itching to leave work now and head out for a ride. It's better than I anticipated and it was well worth the wait.  I might have to order another one pronto.  I'm amazed.  You offer a great product and outstanding customer service.  Keep up the exceptional work. Thanks again-
Daniel Owens - San Francisco, CA

"Chad, Received the first jersey today...outstanding, fantastic, great. What else can I say? You have a great thing going out there.

Michael Payne - Columbus, OH

"Hi Chad, Just got my jerseys in the mail and they are GREAT... even better than I expected!!! Thank you so much.

Teresa Tinsley - Apopka, FL

"Thanks for the fast delivery. Product is excellent.

Chuck Garbe - Brick, NY

"Hi there! I just pre-ordered a pair of messenger knicks from you guys, I already own a pair of messenger knicks in grey and they are without a doubt the best pants ever! I wear them pretty much every day and have washed them many, many, many times. They are still holding up like they were new! Keep up the good work guys!!!

Pete Byer - Toronto, Canada

"Recieved today. It really is nice. Great work

Michael Jordon - Beaufort, SC

"Chad, Thank's for great products. The jerseys are beauties! It is exactly what Mr. Taylor deserves. I will wear them long and proudly and I will not stink! (Well, my cycling won't be any faster but my clothes will be much cooler) Thanks again!

Dave Jones - King George, VA

"The jerseys are awesome! Everyone is quite happy with how they turned out. I'm pretty sure we will have to put together another order, as there are a lot of jealous peaple w/o jerseys around here. Thanks again.

"Chad you lousy !#*?%^ where in the <*%? is my jersey! I've been waiting a lifetime you >#%> I'm canceling my order and you can stick it :*&%#?

Anonymous - Cant win-em all.

Bud Lee - Seattle, WA

"Thank you for the great jersey, I am a total convert to wool now. I cringe when I even consider putting on a "plastic" jersey again. The wool is breathable! The only place I'm sweaty after a ride is where my bib shorts are in contact with my skin. Thanks for the great product.

Aaron Dennis - Rainer, OR

"Hey Chad - Received the order and they turned out great!!! Amazingly fast turn around as well. I'm circulating an order for the Trainers. This may become an annual thing if you keep churning out the great designs.

Justin D Gericke - Portland, OR

"Chad, I returned from a road trip late last night to find my jersey order had arrived…way ahead of schedule!  They look and feel great and I’m sure the rest of the guys will appreciate them as much as I do.   Thanks for the great service and for getting them here so soon.

Dean Brown - Rockville, IN

"The jerseys arrived last night. They look great!

Todd Nelson - Yucaipa, CA

"Portland Cyclewear is to good to be true!! Ive been looking for someplace to get affordable jerseys made for my fledgling bike company.

Kristofer Henry - Lyndeborough, NH

"Chad we received the jerseys yesterday. They look and feel great!!!! These jerseys are really sharp.

Mary Gersema - Mc Minnville, OR

"I just wanted to say thanks for the jerseys. I purchased two short, one long and a beanie.  The jerseys are awesome, feel great and don’t stink. 

Scot Kight - Oak Hill, VA

"The jerseys arrived and were enjoyed by all on our ride to San Diego this weekend. We received many compliments on them and the guys who hadn't tried a wool jersey were all pleasantly surprised by how confortable they were."

Jason Wong - Los Angeles, CA

"Chad, We received the trainers with our logo and everybody agrees they are excellent! Thanks for the nice job."

Matt Harvey - Oakland, CA

"We love em, they're hot!"

Justin - Salt Lake City, UT

"Hi Chad, The Trainers went off great and they look awsome!"

Guri Randhowa - Edmonton, AB

"I received my jersey and it is awsome. Nice and warm these past few days."

Ryan Douglas - Washington DC

"I recently purchased one of your longsleeved wool jerseys and wanted 
to write and tell you that it's great! The fit and comfort are 
amazing for the price and this has become one of my favorite 
garments, on or off the bike. Many thanks!"

Beth Hamon - Portland, OR

"Hey there Chad, got my order today and it looks great!!!! The wait was a little painstaking but the product is excellent! I want to order a few more now that I've seen the worksmanship..."

Russ Roca - Long Beach, CA

"Fabulous! I just got it and love it. Cheers."

Kathryn Aaker - San Francisco, CA

"The jerseys have arrived! They look great! Thanks very much!"

Brian Hays - Great Britain

"Chad, I just wanted to let you know that the jersey is absolutely fantastic!
Wore it twice already in warm weather and it didn't make me sweat like a
pig. Thanks again for the fast delivery! peace".

ghassan hamra - Carrboro, NC

"Hey Chad, I just got the jersey in the mail, it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Thanks very much, great job".

 Jose Sandoval - Seattle, WA
"The jersey arrived this morning - less than two weeks to deepest France: not bad at all. Thanks. I'm very pleased with it. Now I just have to lose my winter belly to do it justice. Regards",
Patrick Mc Carthy - ST Gengoux le National, France
"Hi Chad, Just got my first jersey yesterday. You did an excellent job! Looks and feels so good, so here's another" order.

Stephane Oddos - Lyon, France
 "Thank you so much for the jerseys (Pilikia Lounge, Napa).  We love them and others want them now!  Your sizing chart is perfect and the quality is great. I love the messenger pants as well. If anyone needs a sizing reference - small jersey fit me (5'4", 117 lbs, and friend 5'8" 135 lbs - both with 34" - 35" chest).  The XXL fit my husband who is 6', 220 lbs with a very large chest. The small messenger womens pants fit me perfectly, they sit below the waist with sewn in padded undies (wish they were removable, but they are still great!) Thanks again",
 Elizabeth Sanford - Napa, CA


"Thank you Oregon Cyclewear. The jersey, not promised for Christmas, arrived for Christmas. In this and in every other way you exceed all expectation. Frankly I was worried my graphic choices might turn this gift into nothing more than a novelty t-shirt if your work was anything less than first rate. Your embroidery work is sublime and the quality of the jersey itself is something I remember from the distant past. My sweetie is thrilled with her Christmas jersey. Thank you again".

John C. Wilson - Chicago, IL

"Hi there Oregon cycle wear, I just wanted to let you guys know that we couldn’t be happier with the order of sweaters we just got in.  The quality is great and they are extremely  comfortable.  You were very easy to deal with and we got exactly what we ordered.  We will definitely order again. 

Thanks Chris @ Cycle Mania 

"Hello Chad, You have a walking talking commercial down here in Mt. Shasta.  I received my jersey, you did a fantastic job on it.  It fits perfectly.  I have worn it on three rides, temperatures ranging from the mid twenties to high thirties.  I love it and everybody that gets near me knows it! Thanks,

Sol - Shasta, CA

"Hi Chad, I have received the package from Oregon. Beautiful! My wife does not like me to go to bed with jersey but I do not care. Thank you very much.
 OndraHules, Prague, Czech Republic
"This was the best purchase I made out of the gear I've bought so far. I purchased a pair of messenger pants. I can wear these pants year round and if they get soaking wet on my morning ride, they are dry by the time I ride home because of the synthetic material they are made of. These pants have lasted me more than 5 years and they are still in great shape.
Jill Fitzpatrick - Portland, Oregon

"Hi Chad this is to inform you, that the package arrived and we all are stunned by the content. The Jerseys are just great. Now we are looking for the Eroica - and of course will provide you some nice pictures from Italy but also from something with the Swiss Alps in the background. Thank you for that nice and easy collaboration. Christian and all the other Alpinists...

 Christian Hitz - Switzerland

"Hi Chad. Just received my order, All I can say is... WOW!  The knit is not quite as dense as my old Kucharik, but I'm thinking that actually might be a good thing. In every way it's the nicest jersey I have ever owned. Your workmanship is outstanding and the value is excellent. I now have no doubt I will be a repeat customer later this year. Thank you...

 Peteer Bernard - Minneapolis, MN

"AHH! The jerseys arrived! And they are *eff-king* awesome! The shirt itself is beautiful, and the prints came out perfect! Hahaha, we're gonna' look so ridiculously good looking (~Zoolander) on the road this summer! Thanks a million, Mr. Krueger! Your workmanship is incredible!

 Brent and Trish Larson - Culpeper, VA


"Just got the shirts today - awesome, totally.  Really exceeded my expectations and i'm quite sure i'll be ordering more.  they are definitely going to be a hit here in Kimberley. Thanks for your excellent customer service too!
Kieran Hickey - Kimberly, BC Canada

"Chad, AMAZING! I'm a Wool neophyte, so went out today to 'test' the fabric and all of its properties. First, was a descent at 62 degrees; totally comfortable (have propensity toward Hypothermia)! Then (you probably know we had a pretty big Fire here, recently - blocks away) I decided to see how the fabric would 'behave' on these 8-9% gradient ascents; I was prepared to turn around and go home on a 5% gradient route, if I got too hot. After unzipping the zipper, I experienced nothing but the breeze flowing to cool me! Blew me away; so unlike an ordinary L/S jersey. So I just kept climbing higher and higher; exploring the burn area. (police have now cleared out - all slabs were exposed - you won't catch me up there once the nails come out!) For now, we all use it for hill repeats; above 7200 ft elev. The jersey continued to cool me, rather than cause perspiration, as I climbed! I could not believe it! It wasn't until I descended some long nasty descents; trying to stay off the brakes, that I realized this fabric is indeed a Miracle Fabric! Once I got home, THEN I began to get hot. But the inside of the jersey wasn't even salty!

Many Thanks, Lynne Fonda - Fine Line Racing - Championship Coach, Colorado Springs, CO

"Chad, Just wanted to say thanks for the terrific work.  Both versions of those jerseys look fantastic.  You rock".

Paul - Classic Cycle - Bainbridge Island, Wa

"Hello, Just a quick note to say I just opened my new jerseys and, my oh my, do they look and feel great. Got a long and short sleeve from your clearance selection for a total of 139.00! Will be wearing the long sleeve on a pub run later today in our North Dakota spring weather: 25 degrees.. I will surely recommend you to friends and buy more when I wear these out. Cheers,

 Jason Larson - Bismarck, ND

"I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for all the great service you provided during our teams ordering process.  The jerseys turned out great. Thanks again,

Jason Glover - Seattle, WA

"Hi Chad, the jersey looks fantastic! Thanks so much. After seeing this one, our whole team wants to order these!
Sonja Max - Bellingham, WA
"The jersey was/is exceptional... couldn't wait and rode it as soon as delivered...washed,  and it's drying out now for another ride tomorrow... I wrote all concerned that this was the ticket...That being said, I will be ordering again asap, as I don't know if I want to wait... Thank You... REALLY REALLY NICE!!!.... as nice as my Di Marchi for sure... Regards,

Mark Goodley - Newport Beach, CA
"My jerseys arrived today and I just wanted to say thanks. They are things of rare beauty. It's almost a shame to wear them on the bike.

Roger Parrish - Long Ashton, United Kingdom
"I am extremely happy with my purchase.  These jersey’s are beautiful, comfortable and fit perfectly.  Your gallery photos do not do them justice.
Craig Sobering - New Westminister, Canada
"Hello, my beautiful Giro d Perth jumper arrived and the orderley had to peel it off me after 3 weeks hugging it  and saying " my precious" ;-) Many thanks
Toby Hodgson - Perth Australia
""Our order of six long-sleeve Burnside jerseys arrived safely on my doorstep yesterday. I am very pleased with the overall quality of the jerseys and the embroidery work is exquisit! Thank you very much to your attention to detail and for the very quick turnover. I am looking forward to presenting these to my Prtridge Hill Flyer cycling friends. We will surely be ordering some short-sleeve jerseys very soon.
Carl Covello - Edmonton, Canada
"Hi Chad Just a quick note to say a BIG thank you. The jerseys arrived on Sat past (6 Sep) and I did Sun ride in a long-sleeve.  It worked well, not too hot, not too cold."
 Carlos Nobrega - Vlaeberg SOUTH AFRICA 
"Thanks Guys!  What a cool jersery.  I can't wait to wear it on my ride today and show it off to my buddies up here in Bellingham. Thanks so much.  I love it.
Gregg Cronn (Velo Oliveri) Bellingham, WA

"Hi, Just wanted to drop you both a thank you for my recent order. My dad had expressed interest in your jerseys/embroidery awhile back. He's just getting back into cycling after quadruple bypass surgery so it meant a lot to hear him say he would be wearing it this weekend on his ride. He loves it. Thanks so much,

Nikki Hart-Brinkley - Ashland, OR

"Chad, Just wanted you to know how thoroughly happy I am with my new wool jersey. It's getting lots of use, is supercomfortable, warm, and looks great! I expect to buy more in the near future.

 Rickey Strawn - VP Sales Masi Bicycles


"WOW! I just received the jersey and all I can say is wow. That’s absolutely gorgeous! Super excited to get out in this. Can’t believe I’m looking forward to 40-50 degree weather. Thanks Chad!"

David Chinchilla - New York, NY

"Hi Chad, A note to say thanks - the jersey worked out really well - see attached.  I'm please with the fit, cut and lettering.  The best thing is the colours and style match my mountain bike, a Ritchey P-29er.  All up, a class act. Cheers",

Alistair Carwardine - Turramurra. Australia 

 "The first velobange jersey arrived in today's mail..it is sensational! I'm loving your work Chad, it is first class. avere una vita...andare in bicicletta!

"Hey Chad, The knickers arrived on Saturday just like you said they would. I love them. Thank you.

Thomas Nelson - Niagra Falls, NY
"Just got my stuff and DAMN is it sweet!!!! Cant wait to rock it all the way home tonight!!!! Thanks a lot, its better than I could have hoped and im sure ill be ordering another one soon!!!! Thanks a ton!!!
Bill Meadows - Universal City, CA
"Hi Chad, I just received my jerseys and I’m very happy with them. They are as nice as any I’ve seen and cost less as well. Thanks again,

Michael Friedman - Baltimore, MD

"Sweet Jerseys...arrived today...really nice work...Thanks again Chad.

Kurt Modahl - Portland, OR

"Hi Chad, Just got back from a long week-end and the messenger pants where in the mail, and they are just great. Thanks,

 Harry Stordeur - Madison, WI

 "Chad, The embroidered jerseys and the knicks arrived today. Stellar! Really, the emboiderery is very distinctive, and clean, and the sizes were very predictable and fit perfectly.

 Dennis - Traverse City, MI

Hi. I ordered a couple of jerseys back in February and just received them yesterday. These are great - the softest wool jerseys I have ever worn. I am really impressed with the quality and the great embroidery job - especially at such a nice price. I like them so much, I may get another! Could you send me a list of the other embroidery fonts that are available? Thanks! 

 Jo Williams - Galveston, TX

"Chad, Thank you and i look forward to seeing and wearing the jersey. By the way,
the knickers are fantastic! i wore them, yesterday, during a deluge of rain and they kept me quite dry. Thanks again, 

Celestino Borges - Vancouver, BC

"Right on...i was wearing my other jersey from you on a group ride the other day and people were losing their damned minds over it! so good!!!! cant wait to get this one!!

Bill Meadows - Van Nuys, CA

"I just wanted to let you know that I got the jersey today, and it's AWESOME! It's alsy my birthday, so it's excellent timing! Thank you!

Joe Tynan - Seattle, WA

"Just to let you know, the pants have been a raving success and everyone has been enjoying them even during the warmer days of june.

Andres Correal - New York, NY

"The jerseys came today. They look fantastic! Everyone is going to be very happy. Thanks much.

Jay Parkhill - San Francisco, CA

"Just received the jersey and it looks great. My rider tried it on and the fit is perfect. Hopefully we can get the rest of the team to like the jersey and hoefully we'll order more.

John L. Vasquez - Rantoul, IL

"Jersey and beanie arrived yesterday, both look great. Thanks very much! At least one of my Portland jerseys will be on display on the Paris-Brest-Paris this year. Thanks again.

Bill Plumtree - Kendal, United Kingdom

"Million thanks! They look perfect! Did a training ride last night with the team. They were thrilled with the quality of the jersey and the service. This totally made my day. I will definitely be back for some messenger shorts and maybe another jersey. Thanks again!

Chris Pavel - Calgary, AB Canada

"Chad, jerseys arrived and looking great - thanks a million.

Will Burghes - London, UK

"Hi Chad, I've received my messenger shorts & jersey. The jersey is great! I've been wearing my shorts for work lately. You are right, they are the best shorts I've ever worked in! I've been in touch with the company I work for & some messengers from other companies also. I'd like to place a large order for shorts if you can fill it for me. I'm talking 42 pairs. Thanks again for getting my stuff down to New Zealand. Regards,
Paul Sumich - New Zealand

"Hi Chad-- I just received my jersey today.  I must say, I was suprised that you
had exactly what I wanted.  The jersey is awesome, an unbelievable deal. Thanks!

Brian Janaszek - Pittsburgh PA.

"Chad, Just got the jersey....the wait was worth it...turned out perfect...thanks
Daniel Brewster - Bend OR.

 "Hi Chad, Just to let you know (belatedly) that I received the jersey and pants safely a couple of weeks ago. They’re great: the jersey is comfy and warm (a little too warm at the moment, but it’ll be great in the autumn), and the pants are spot on – light, comfortable, flexible and great to ride in, with useful pockets. Nice one!

Simon Wicks - Kingston, UK

"Thanks! The Jersey arrived today. Great looks, comfortable feel and the best 
part: Eternal envy from my friends. Personalized jersey, with my citys name 
AND in the local soccerteams colors.. (if you can´t beat  them by riding fast, just be the smartest dresser..) Thanks again.
Markus Femling - Arsta, Sweden 
"Many Thanks for your patients, and a quality product!
Brian - Rasmussen Bike Shop
"Chad - they arrived and they are PERFECT!  We are lovin' the Fat Tire Ballerinas jerseys.  The wool is so super soft and comfy!  In fact, a few of our riding friends are already jealous and we may order a few more.
Jenn Roberts - Whitehorse, Canada
"Thanks for the jersey Chad, looks great and fits a treat. Next a short sleeve I think.
Ralph Sperring - East Sussex, U.K.
"The first velobange jersey arrived in today's mail..it is sensational! I'm loving your work Chad, it is first class.

 Gavin Harrison - Taroona, Tasmania Australia

"Dear Chad, Yesterday I received wool jerseys.They are much better than I expected. Thank you for your fine work. Sincerely yours,
Satoshi Kurihara - Japan

"Hello Chad, I received my pants today. Just to a note to say the photos don't do them justice. I'm dead impressed with how comfy they are. Smashing! Thanks very much.

Joe Williams - United Kingdom

"Just Letting ya know--- I received it, it's fantastic! Many thanks for your help in this matter --- I'll be ordering again in the future, probably at quantity -- this was purchased as a one off prototype to show off to other members of my little band of cyclist here in the midwest. Next year, when club jersey ordering time comes up, I have a feeling you'll see my name again -- Thanks for the excellent service!

Keith Gates - Overland Park, KS

 "Luxurious, warm, and even after a succession of three four-hour long rides--not a touch of odor.  Just let it air dry. Now that is incredible!  I've worn this on rides of 42 degrees (with arm warmers and outer jacket) and up to 86 degrees in perfect comfort (that's Houston in December...) The custom Team MAXXIS embroidery was done very well and your suggestions were spot on. Nice job, and prompt service.  I'll recommend you to many multi-sporters in Texas and around the US and the world as I race abroad.

 "Hi Chad. You probably don't remember me, but I'm the guy (also named Chad) who called last Monday wondering about a tracking number for an '07 jersey I ordered. No probs; came in the mail Thursday (just like you said). Love it! Thanks so much! I'll definitely order from your company again at some point (or have a friend currently in Portland pick me up something...) Much appreciation,

Chad Steiner - Lincoln, NE
"Dear Chad, I love the jerseys and pants that you sell. I've been wearing them day in day out whilst working/riding for Sustrans, a sustainable transport charity in the UK. Never once have the garments let me down!
Zaynan Lythgoe - Lytham, U.K.

 "Chad, Hi from Massachusetts.  I've been wearing the short sleeve jersey through the spring into summer.  As the temps rose from 65 to 75 to 85, I found the jerseys to be extremely comfortable and seemed to help regulate my body temperature.  Well, a few weeks ago I went out for a ride on a sunny, muggy 96 degree day and at first thought I had finally found a day I should have worn a synthetic.  I then realized I had the shirt zipped up (Doh!).  Once I zipped it down, it returned to the perfection to which I was accustomed. If I were your accountant I'd tell you to raise your prices....but I'm not, so please don't. Thanks again for the great customer support.

John Harmon
"Chad, got home from vacation and the pants arrived while I was gone. 
These things are the best!!  I love how you made the fly functional, 
don't need to drop trouw to take a leak! These definitely fill a need 
in the cycling community! Thanks again.

Richard Lim - Burr Ridge, IL
"Best. Pants. Ever. Thanks for the super-fast ship and awesome product.

Kenji Arakawa - New York, NY
"I just wanted to commend you on a great product.  The messenger pants could not be better for my twelve mile commute into Denver every day.  They even survived a crash that occured today that has laid me up and is forcing me to sit in front of the computer (hence the email).  Thanks again and I hope the budegets allows for further purchases from your company.  Cheers!
Dave Kelly - Golden, CO  

"Chad, The jerseys arrived today - they look great, thank you very much. Regards,
Andrew Tewes - Karana Downs, Australia
"Aloha Chad, Thanks for making a great product! Just picked up two pairs from Veloce Cycles and rode out the store with one on! They work and look great! Nice lightweight meterial for our year round warm climate. Just enough stretch to make all ridding positions comfortable. Pleanty of pockets for fast access. Even had a small spill on the bike and the pants won! (My knee didn't) Not a scratch on them. Aloha and Mahalo,
Walter Enomoto - Kahului, Maui Hawaii
"Chad - Awesome messenger knicker!  I can't believe the quality and the fit 
for the price; these will be my daily commuting shorts this winter.
Thanks for the great product

Tom Watterson - Austin TX
"You rock. The jerseys look absolutely incredible. Lots of happy campers over here. Nice work. Not suprisingly, many other folks are now asking how to get one. Expect there will be a second Amazon order in the not too distant future.
Ken Price - Seattle, WA
"Hi Chad, Just to let you know that despite the best efforts of our striking postmen the jerseys have arrived just in time for our cycling trip to Spain. They look great and I know from previous purchases will be a pleasure to wear. Nature is clever isn't she, merino - warm when it's cold and very breathable when it's warm. These jerseys have a tremendous temperature range, ideal for rather changeable Britain! Thanks
Cheryl J Garnham - Essex U.K.

"Hi, I got the jersey today. Nice soft merino jersey and sparkling colors. As days are getting cooler, I can use it straight away. Thanks for this great jersey!
Franky Steenbrugge - Belgium
"Hey Chad, Just wanted to let you know I received the package early in the week and have been wearing the knickers and jersey all week for my commute.  Working out great.  Thanks!
Joshua Skaroff - Philadelphia, PA
"Hi Chad, just wanted to let you know that the messenger pants arrived on the 23rd, which was perfect because I'd gotten them as a birthday present for my boyfriend, and his birthday was the 23rd. He loves them! Thanks for the quick shipment.

Marla Miyashiro - Emeryville, CA
"Chad, Knickers came in the mail sat. I'm impressed with how quickly the order was filled. I ordered another set of pants from an online store at the same time, and still
haven't heard from them. Thank you for your punctuality. I like the knickers, they work great!
Dave Olsen - Sturgis, SD

"Chad, I just received the 3/4 Messenger Pants that I ordered only a week ago.  Making their way all the way to New Zealand in good time. These pants are great, well made, comfortable and the 4-way stretch fabric looks like it will really last the distance. I'll definitely order another pair. I'll try to line my local bike shop up with you to source them in volume..

Geoff Dawson - Auckland, New Zealand

 "Hi Chad, I rode in PBP this year and wore your jersies throughout. ( ordered them with the San Francisco Randonneurs.) They were great in the cool rain we had this year. Even though I only had two to alternate the whole way through, they never got stinky and kept me comforable through it all. WOOL RULES! 

Kitty Goursolle - California

"Dear Chad, I received the jersey last Thursday, and wore it straight away on Friday (150km) and yesterday (220km) ; great garment, warm in the chill in the morning, and keeping cool in the sun in the afternoon, with a little dampness from perspiration. Here in Brittany, at this time of the year - Brittany is the western part of France - it is around 12-14°C in the morning, and 22-24°C in the afternoon. Thanks for this jersey, I'll soon contact you for another one, long sleeves. Kind regards,
Bourgeois - France
"I recieved my husband's jersey yesterday. This jersey is absolutely beautiful! Smooth and soft and not scratchy at all and just wonderful. I think I want one too--It looks like a dress sweater you would wear over your shirt and tie! The sizing seems to be good for my husband and the arms seem plenty long. Very nice; I recommend Portlandcyclewear.com. heartily. They've got the price and they've got the quality."
Lauria Watts - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Knickers are awesome, they are big enough to get tights under for really cold days, thank you.

Kim Bailey - Hillsborough, NC

"Chad, even though I'm not a messenger it's great to have a pair really awesome messenger pants from you! They are everything you claimed and more. My favorite part is the easy access in the restroom! The only improvement I could see - COLORS - maybe a khaki and med. Blue and something for the girls!

Mike Sheehan

"Chad, I ordered a plain blue and white jersey a couple of weeks ago for my husband and I already told you how I liked it. I just wanted to tell you my husband likes it also, and can wear it next to his skin and he is really sensitive to "scratchy" on his skin--this is the guy who tells me he cannot wear Polarfleece because it itches!  Looks nice, and the sleeves fit his long arms. Thanks again,
Lauria Watts - Rancho Cucamongo, CA
"Chad. FYI, he loved the jersey and has worn it twice already! Fit was  great. Thanks for your help and for the fine product.
Karen Flanagen - Seattle, WA

 "Chad, Received the jersey I ordered today.  Looks really nice and is a perfect fit. Thanx much".

 Dave Weber - Venedy, IL

Mark Voss - Team USA - Duathlon World Championships

"Hi Chad, Thats wonderful, All sizes was right in numbers and they did fit just nice. We really liked the colour and the retro style. Now it is -20 centigrades outside and plenty of snow, so the jerseys will be tested in full scale in a few weeks down in Spain. Cheers

Carl Lindqvist - Mariefred, Sweden

 "Just received the jerseys...fantastic, really pleased with them...will be worn with pride in a couple of week's time at the Retro Ronde van Vlaanderen... once the rest of the guys in the club see these, suspect more orders will follow! Thanks again for the help with these. Cheers!

Mark Kenny - U.K.

"Just wanted to say that I received the jersey today and it's absolutely fantastic! The person I gave it to is completely in love with it.
Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

Angela Trentadue - Madison, WI

"Chad, Received a great jersey and the lettering is perfect. It keeps me warm while traveling at life speed.

Scot Slater - Chazy, NY


"Chad, Thank you for the jersey. I love it! I can't wait till it drops below 100F to actually use it. I think you have great stuff and count me in, if you sell more of the courier pants (L). I would love a pair. Your loyal customer and fan,
Doug Logan - Charleston, SC
"Hello, We received the jerseys. They look GREAT! Soft to the touch, double knit, very attractive shade of red, very nice lettering, The fit is perfect, at least mine. I've fallen in love with my cute and petite red wool jersey. Ah, the turn around was excellent. Thank so much for all your good work. Best regards
Maria T. Garcia de la Noceda

"The sweaters look GREAT.  Everyone is very happy with them, great quality, excellent outcome, thanks!

Oscar Giggs - Lebanon, NH

"Chad, quick note to say I received the jersey yesterday. Really chuffed with the look, the quality and the workmanship of the job, so big thank you. 

 Duncan White - Manchester UK

"Thanks Chad....Jersey received.  Superior quality......wonderful in appearance.  Will be ordering again soon!!!

Mark P. Perez - Palo Alto, CA

"Hi - just a quick note to say my jersey arrived in Scotland yesterday morning - beautiful - fits and feels great. You will be hearing from me again I'm sure. Many thanks

 Sean Turner - United Kingdom
"my 4 jerseys finally arrived (usps appeared a bit clogged this holiday), and am smitten! between your gorgeous products, your hand-delivery to spectrum, and the finishing touch of having my custom text and illustration embroidered, i'm swooning!
Melissa Wood - Barrington, IL
"I LOVE my new jersey and the embroidery looks incredible!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Mary DeRose - Aurora, CO
"Hi Oregon Cyclewear. I've had one of your jerseys for a couple of years now, and it remains my favorite, hands down.  The weave has tightened up nicely with wear and washing.  I love it. Thanks again. Jason


"Hello Chad, Just a quick note to tell you the long sleeve 2007 jerseys I ordered arrived fine and I feel like Catnip out riding with them on me. That has to be a
good thing! Thank you and just know that I will gladly place orders from you in the
future as well as pass on good things to tell other local riders about your
products. Get some big sizes in, Chad.

Peter Kopriva - Fresno/Clovis area of California

"Received today. Very nice product. Look forward to showing off jersey on monday commute.

Byron Pickard - Alexandria, VA

"Thanks Chad. Received the other items from you last week - awesome.
John Cazanis - Melbourne, AUS.

"We all love our pants... I don't think anyone has taken them off yet.Thanks.

Zan Gibbs - Portland, OR.

"Hi chad, just want to let you know i received the jersey and i love it! thanks,

Alya Briceno - San Francisco, CA.

"Got it today - amazing quality, great value!  Let me know when the 2009 batch come in!

Mark Aston - Fareham, U.K.

"I just received my LS 2008 red, and it is stunning!  Thanks!

Corwin Booth - Berkley, CA.

"The jerseys are here and they are sweet! Thanks so much for putting up with my demands, swallowing the cost for fast shipping and for producing such a great product. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Louise Kornreich - Seattle Bicycle Club

"I received my blank black and white long sleeve 08 jersey yesterday.  It fits perfectly and everything about it is terrific.  I would like to send it back to you for stitching, and also order two more--also to be embroidered. Thanks for all your help.

Bob Conover

"Chad, the jersey arrived and looks great - nice retro style. Haven't had a chance to wear it yet but intend to be out and about in it soon. Thanks, 

Robert Hill - Colorado Springs, CO.

"Chad, I'm writing to say I've received my order and love the shirts and messenger pants as well. Thanks.

Bill Granche

"Chad, Just got my lefty jersey and it's great. We need to re-order; however you
seem to be sold out on most colors of the LS jerseys. Are you restocking

John Baxter - United Bicycle Institute

"Hi Chad, I wanted to let you know that my parents got their matching wool jerseys today (late x-mas gift). They both loved them and the photo of the jerseys they sent me looked great. I can't believe I ordered the correct sizes and didn't send you a typo to put on the jerseys. The wait sucked, but it was worth it.Thanks,

Stuart Braddock - Sarasota, FL

"Jersey has been received today and is beyond my expectations. Truly amazing
!!! I hope to order again soon and become a regular customer. I will spread the
word about Portland. Many thanks for all your help. All the best.

James Warrener - Peterborough, U.K.

"Chad , rec'd jersey in good order. The fabric is top quality , workmanship excellent , and I really like the color.  The only nip-pick disappointment is the rear pockets which are too shallow to be of much use except for small snacks , , too shallow to secure a wallet or to hold a water bottle or banana. It is puzzling to me why the manufactorer didn't complete the pocket depth to the bottom hem . maybe something to consider with future shipments. regards,

Tom Roberson, Gainesville, VA
"Chad The jersey came today ... great job ... it is better than I could have imagined.
 I liked the school in smaller letters and the embroidery of the word cycling really sets the sleeve off! I will recommend you to ANYONE who asks. 
Arthur Currence - Buckhannon, WV

"Hi Chad, I received my knickers and jersey today.  They are great. I tried on the jersey and I didn’t want to take it off again.

John Peterson - Moses Lake, WA

"Just ordered a pair and went for a ride with them right out of the USPS box, 50km or so and they felt great. I really appreciate the front pockets and the material is fantastic. Thanks for nice pants.Chris

Hammond - Decatur, GA

"Chad - We got the jerseys, and I wanted to let you know that all of the guys were very, very impressed with the product.  The jerseys look wonderful, the fit is exactly as advertised, the embroidery is top notch, and the price is very hard to beat.  In short, you made me look like an effin' genius for ordering from you.  GOOD SHOW!
Greg Taylor - Alexandria, VA

"Hello ! I Just want to say that I recive my new wooljersey and It`s just "formidable". I am looking forward to the my rides this spring. This year I do the rides with style and class. And of course not just on the bike . I also now have the right look for the coffeestop  Regards

Anders Fredriksson - San Francisco, CA

"Wow! I was hoping they would come out nice but these passed my expectations, way passed 'em. They look so nice!! A great vintage look with an updated fit and customized to our team... I'm very happy with the result! I'm sure the guys who didn't order will be kicking themselves in the ass! Thanks for all your help getting everything just right... the wait was definitely worth it!
Jerry Inscoe - TAI Cycling
 "Hi Chad, I got the jersey today. It's great! Thank you very much, for everything. Regards,
 Tal Katzir - Tel Aviv, Isreal
 "I just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciated your awesome service. It was super prompt  and easy and the jersey was JUST what my girlfriend wanted (It was her birthday present). She did a good ride this past weekend and was thrilled with the fit and feel, not to mention how good she looked in it. Thank you very much!
Christina Varner
"I received the shirts last week! They are superb. I wore it sunday morning on a chilly ride and it felt great! Super soft and super cool! Tnx and expect some new orders later this year.
Olivier Sels - Belgium
"Chad, Thank you so much for the awesome customer service.  The other two jerseys look great and you went above and beyond. Thanks again!

Ben Bolin - Kansas City, MO

"My long sleeve jersey is one of the nicest articles of clothing I have ever owned.  I feel bad sweating in it.
Paul McCallic - Seattle, WA
"Chad, I got the jersey and love it!
Paul Butler - President, Stockton CA. Bicycle Club
"Just got them today.. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!! thanks so much.
Kristi Specht - Edmonton, AB
"Hello Chad- Love 3/4 Messenger Pants so much I recently ordered a second pair-- glad to have such a flattering fit in a women's XL. Placed an order for a (PC) jersey and the new knickers (can't wait for July) today.  Thank you for such comfortable, stylish and quality products.

Stine Loughlin - Seattle, WA

"Hi Chad, Several months ago, I pinged you to find out whether the sizing on your jerseys was based on standard men's sizing because a 32" sleeve seemed a bit short on the large jerseys,
especially that I wear a 34-35 sleeve in dress shirts. You replied that you'd never had any complaints on sleeve length, so I took a chance, and I've been thrilled with the quality of your
jerseys and with the sleeve length. Whoever told you that your large jerseys have a 32" sleeve was smokin' dope. ;-) Many thanks.

Scott in Seattle

Hi Chad - I received the jersey yesterday - it looks great!!! Thanks so much!!!

Deborah Tom Hall - Littleton, CO

"Chad, a belated thanks for the new jersey...really nice quality and appearance! We'll be sure to tell all of our wool-wearing friends (and those who SHOULD be) about you.

Phyllis Boorinakis - Auburn, CA

"The jersey has arrived thanks, Fantastic job! I'm really delighted with it so thanks very much. Hopefully we can do business again.

Gary Smith - East Yorkshire, UK

"Chad- Received the jerseys today! They look AWESOME! So excited to get them out to everyone! Love them! Thanks so much."

 Kim Hopkins - Des Moines, IA

 "Hey, I just wanted to say I just received my new jersey yesterday (Monday), and I had ordered it on Thursday at like 10pm. I was impressed with the fast shipping but I was blown away with the quality - SUPER nice, especially for the price!  I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future. Thanks,

Mike Porrata - Brooklyn, NY

"Hi Chad Just want to say the jerseys all arrived safe and sound and LOOKING GREAT!..thanks...look forward to ordering again sometime soon. Cheers
Patti Fletcher - BC Canada

"Just wanted to let you know I've received the jersey.  It is beautiful, and looks well-made.  Wore it for the first time yesterday.  It's about the softest merino I've ever had next to my skin.  And for an all-wool merino wool jersey it's a very good value.  I will certainly tell my friends in the club about your excellent products and service."

Steve Bornfeld - Brooklyn, NY

Joe Stepusin - Oxford, NC 

 "Hi Chad, I received it yesterday after I got home.  It fits great! You rock! Thanks!

Brandon Evens - Seattle, WA

 "Thank you Chad.  I love my PC short sleeve jersey.  All my riding buddies have come up with some great guesses about what the PC stands for. Have a great day. 

 Jamie Mannion - La Crosse, WI

 "Hi Chad, I have received my 'jonesman' jerseys and they are absolutley superb. Thank you very much for your efforts. Only problem is, they are so nice that I sold them all and then some in three days!

Chris Jones - Bayswater, Australia

"Just another note to say thank you. The jersey is beautiful and the fabric is incredibly soft. I can't wait to use it. Cheers.

Beth @ City Bikes - Portland, OR.

"Received jersey today and it is a piece of beauty. 100 per cent satisfied with quality and service. I will now wear the jersey as casual wear as a car has put me out of action for 9 months. It will be hitting the pubs of Melbourne very soon!

"Chad- Wow, thank you for the heads up.  It's very rare to have this type of experience, especially with an online purchase.  Looking forward to the woolies.
Phillip Norman - Plano, TX

 Kevin Young - Melbourne, Australia

 "The Messenger Pants came today and I wanted to let you know that they're wonderful.  The fit's great, and I really appreciate your prompt (super speedy) exchange. I'm told they're flattering, and they feel really good. As someone who loses things, I find the zip pockets a  terrific feature. Great design! Your messenger pants got rave reviews over on the Team Estrogen discussion board, which is how I found your site again. The reviews there are really complimentary, and I thought you might like to know. And I did want to thank you for the great trousers.

Kirsten Hammerstrom

"By the way I don’t think that I thanked you for the great work on our first order. The shop owner was very impressed, as were our customers. So Thanks Again! Peace

Squirrel, Rasmussen Bike Shop

"Hi Received the Jersey today, Just perfect , Brilliant quality and Service, Will be Ordering all my future jerseys from you. Regards

Bernard - Victoria, Australia.

 "Hey Chad, Received the jerseys today. They look dope and the fit is great. Thanks again and see you at Interbike. cheers

Derek Anderson - Jasper, AB Canada

 "Chad. Just wanted to say thank you very much! I ordered a black and white short sleeved jersey from you a couple months back and requested you to print Port Adelaide Cycling Club across the front. Received the jersey in the mail this morning and was more than impressed. Absolutely brilliant is all I can say. Am already contacting the retro-grouches in the club the try and put together a bulk order.Thanks again, and good luck for the future. 

Tim McEvoy - Adelaide, Australia

"Chad, I owe you some friendly feedback on the two jerseys I ordered, and received a few days ago.
They are indeed sweet! I got one of the old 100% merino short sleeves, and a new long sleeve. Mucho happy with both, although the s/s is a tad smaller and thus fits me better. Very nice quality, both of them, and being thick'ish they are superbly suited to our at best mercurial weather in windy Wellingtown. Thanks

Maz - Wellingtown, New Zealand

"Thanks Chad look forward to it, Ps The Jerseys were a huge succes - you guys did a great job. They fit well, the script is fantastic and everyone is very please - Thankyou 

Paul Reading - Brunswick Australia
"Hi Chad, The jerseys showed up last night. They look great. Thank you. My brother said it was the coolest gift anyone had ever bought him. He’s wearing it at work today.

Bob Coldwell - Beaverton, OR

 "Chad, I received the order last Friday and all I can say is Wow…..They look awesome!  So my question is do you have many left in stock?  I think the folks that missed out on my first order will want me to place another oneThanks!

 David Guth - US Military - somewhere in the world.

"The jersey just arrived.  good work.  really, really good work.   the wife approves, the animals barked joyously. now my wife wants a medium, same color same embroidery.

 Bob Wilson - Greenville, SC

 "Wow, Chad, you got that jersey to New Jersey in record time, and it's beautiful as well. The messenger knickers are a perfect fit and are just what I wanted.  Thank you for making these available to messenger wannabees like me!

B. David Wyatt - Flemington, NJ

"Thanks! Got the knickers today and am really impressed. Way better than photos. 

Maureen Noh - Seattle, WA

"I have received the jacket and have worn it every morning thus far. It is the best piece of cycling-specific clothing I have purchased.

Barry Cole - Las Cruces, NM

"Chad, jerseys arrived safe and sound this weekend and will be making the trip to Moab! It looks and feels awsome. Thanks for the due diligence in getting it to me on time.

Greg Parham - Austin, TX

"Chad thanks!!! I wore them this morning for my commute, love them.

Brian Roach - Lakewood, OH

"Great knickers!!!! I want to wear them all the time. The pockets are all really functional. The fabric is really nice and the stitching details are top shelf.

Mason Bowls - Seattle, WA

"Guys: The jerseys look sweet!  And arrived well in advance of next Thursday. Thanks for the great work!

Geoffrey Tobin - San Francisco, CA

"Just wanted to thank you for creating a very cool BOLLA cycling sweater. The quality is great and the embroidery looks great!

Larry Stickler - BOLLA cycling team.

 "Hi Chad, the jersey arrived today, just in time for my husband's birthday and it looks great!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

Astrid Rial - Lakewood, WA

 "Got the jersey Friday afternoon and rode it in my first century on Saturday.  It is an awesome jersey and lots of other riders asked about it. Thanks for getting it out on time for the ride.
Bayani Birkinbine - Tucson, AZ

"It is a real pleasure to see the quality and originality of your jerseys. And a big thank you for listening and speed of service. Pleasure of a future order. Thanks again.

Nicolas Slazowski - France

"Hi, I ordered a jersey from you guys for my cousin last christmas. I loved it, he loves it, in fact the whole family loves it. We love it so much, we want to order more.

Mark Donnellan - Melbourne, Australia

"The wool jersey is truly amazing. Thank you so much. I will wear it with pride. Here's to staying cozy and riding hard.

Heidi Swift - Portland, OR.

"Got the jerseys, it looks gorgeous and fits perfectly. I'm looking forward to try it on my bike this week-end.
Something tells me that this won't be my last order @ Oregon Cyclewear! Greetings from Switzerland."

Fabio Rezzonico - Wadenswil, Switzerland

"Received. Awesome! Thanks.

Jay Burrell - Orlando, FL

"The jersey has just arrived. Its fabulous, perfect fit and excellent quality. I'm delighted ! Many thanks indee.best regards.

Andrew Hickey - Horsham, UK

"I received my jersey yesterday. Awesome quality. My wife was impressed with how good it looked. Thank you very much for such prompt service!
Allen Kirkwood - Lexington, KY
"Chad, Got the jersey and its perfect! Really couldn't be happier. Love it.  
Jeremy Sikora - Amherst, NY
"My jerseys have just arrived - thanks they are great. My dad will be really pleased with his present. Thanks very much".
David Urquhart - London, England
"The shirts arrived today from Spectrum, with the embroidery. They look great. The shirts are of very good quality and the embroidery is very well done. Thanks for your products and service."

 Charles E. Damon - Grand Rapids, MI

"My compliments on the sweater by the way. It’s one of the best pieces of clothing I’ve ever bought – for cycling or otherwise. And…I get envious comments whenever I wear it. Cheers!

 Colin Corbin - CBC Racing


"Hi Chad Jersey's arrived in plenty of time and we have a few weeks to break them in before heading off for Italy. They look great and everyone was impressed with the finish and the general quality of the garments.
 And when it comes to merino that's high praise coming from a bunch of Australians! Thanks for your help. 

Simon Clement - Mt. Martha Australia

"We just received the jerseys and they look great.  Thanks for all your help and the quick turnaround on the order.

 ZILLOW.COM - Seattle, WA

"Thanks Chad, the tops arrived today - they're terrific! I really appreciate the efforts to which you've gone. Hopefully we'll place more orders when the $A improves."

 Mark Donnellan - Melbourne, Australia

"Chad,Thanks for the great jerseys! They are much loved by my club riders. So much so (and thanks to the weather change), that I've now got requests for more of the long sleeve ones. Thanks."

Brian Oppy - Chico, CA

"Thanks Chad! Fit great. Will be back for more. Happy Holidays.

Alan Bennett - Santa Cruz, CA

"Chad --- the jersey arrived well in advance of Christmas and it was gorgeous.  Steve loved it and we are already talking about clever jersey ideas for friends.  Great gift - great jersey.

Eva Dowdell - Brooklyn, NY

"It was worth the wait!

Ramon Norris Jr - Cincinnati, OH

"We love them - thank you Chad."

Dr. Kim Maiai - Dunedin, New Zealand

"We got the sweater and it's beautiful. Thanks!"

Carolyn Rie - Westport, CT

"Got it and it looks great. Thanks."

Robert Phillips - Bellingham, WA

"Just wanted to let you know the jerseys arrived as promised. EVERYONE is super excited about them, and I am unequivocally pleased with their quality and style. In fact, the 10 or so athletes who decided NOT to order a jersey instantly regretted thier decision and want to know if I had any extras, or when the next order was going to be placed.

Ben Adler - Ridgewood, NJ

"Chad, The Jerseys came out great, better that we all expected, thanks.  I am sure that we will all be a little bit faster while wearing them."

Mark Walker - Salida, CO

"Hi, Just got the jerseys today. They look AWESOME! Thanks for the stellar work. Cheers,

Mr. McCarten - St. Peterborough, Ontario Canada

"The jerseys arrived today and they are beautiful!!! ...the club members are going crazy over them. Can't wait to hit the road with them. Thanks for the speedy turn-around time. Cheers,
Gary Maricich - Santa Cruz, CA

  "HI Chad, I wanted to place another order for jerseys in the same color and embroiderer details as before.  I really, really love how they turned out. Thank you for your assistance and thank you for a wonderful product. We are truly happy with the outcome.

 Bicycle Express - San Jose, CA

"Hey Chad,Just got the jerseys and they are really beautiful. Thanks so much for the excellent work. I'll certainly be ordering more after this batch goes."

Curt Wallach - Denver, CO

"I just wanted to thank you for your speedy and high-quality work!  I ordered a jersey on September 30 and it showed up, personalized, on October 14.  That is spectacular turn-around for such a perfectly personalized item.
It's great to have such high-quality of craftsmen in Portland. Keep up the good work."

-Mel Williams - Portland, OR.

"I wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for a great job with the jerseys and getting them shipped in time for Christmas. My team members love the look and the wool feel. I took mine for a test ride today and worked out great Cheers," 

Tim Claxton - Seattle, WA

Hello Chad,

"Just received my long sleeve jersey. Fits perfectly, looks great, feels wonderful. You make a heck of a product! Thanks."

Perry Walker - Surrey B.C. Canada

 "Thanks, Chad... Great service! So far, without ever even having seen your products, I'm very impressed I've been in the hospitality industry for >30 years, and have a tremendous appreciation for good service. You're doing great! Don't forget to breathe!

Rick Reno - Woodstock, VT
"Hi Chad (if I may), I wrote yesterday to say that everything arrived safely! Many thanks - the jerseys look great and we tried them out already on a quick evening spin. Very nice. Best,
Max Schulze - London, UK

 "Hi Chad - just wanted to drop a line and say I love the jersey! Unfortunately it missed getting to me in time for the race by one day, but I have ridden a few times in it since, and it's very well made, fits well, and looks great. My first wool jersey, and I really like it. Thanks again.

Adam Bickett - Solana Beach, CA

 "Thanks, Jersey arrived yesterday. I love it.Out on the bike today to try it out.

David Bartlett - Birmingham, United Kingdom

"My husband was thrilled with the jersey and the pants. The jersey is amazingly soft and he was surprised by how nice the padding was on the pants. 

Karyn Ogorzalek - Alameda, CA

"Thanks Chad. Excellent Customer service! By the way, the Messenger Knicks are awesome!

Marc Aure - San Francisco, CA

 "Hi Chad -Thanks again for all the help with our jersey order - they're a BIG hit!

Matt "Bike Library" - Iowa City, IA
"Just received the cycle jersey and it's fantastic. Thank you for the quick service. Look forward to dealing with you again soon. Best wishes"
Nathan Smith - Birmingham, U.K.
"Chad, Been out in the jerseys we've ordered from you a few times now.  Other than the great job with the embroidery we are also enjoying the great quality wool itself.  Awesome jerseys!   Keep up the great work.
Josh Kato - Cashmere, WA

"Hello Oregon, our 2 tops arrived today which are edgy, I love my St John and my wife loves her Mocha Joe.  We've been converted to merino and will never go back to polystink swag again.  We rode a 6 day tour this week using merino running tops and they still don't smell after 250 miles and sleeping with them on camping.  At least we cant smell each other we probably reek.

Mick Hynman - United Kingdom

"Just a note to say thank you, great job. Both tops worked out exactly as planned with your help and patience. Fit is very good and true to size guide. Chad thanks again for the excellent service and a product that meets the promise made on your site in every way. Regards from downunder,
Gary Miller - VIC Australia

"Just received the jerseys today. Very happy. The fit, quality, and look is excellent.
Mike Conway - Portland, Oregon
"Got jerseys today.  Love them.  You are faster than amazon. Thanks!
Dave Ferguson - Grinnell Iowa 
"After fully testing them in Minnesota, I just wanted to say that your jerseys are awesome.  The price make them even more so. They are nicer than some of my merino wool business attire.  I definitely will be buying some short sleeve jerseys in the spring."
Chatch Ingersoll - Tampa, FL
"I just received your sweet Jersey last week and I've been wearing it during the Cold snap recently. With a light woolbase layer and windbreaker I'm good to about 15 below zero. Once it gets past that I'll add a silk base layer. Thanks for having such an amazing product for such a low price.

Chris Luckfield - Minneapolis, MN

Just received the jerseys today. Very happy. The fit, quality, and look is excellent.

"The jersey was absolutely perfect! He LOVED the jersey and was very touched that we thought to order it for him.  It fit him perfectly and he really looked great.  Thank you very much for your speedy service…the jersey turned out better than we were hoping! I will definitely be placing my own order very soon.

Tim Schneider - San Francisco, CA

"Received order, GREAT LOOKING JERSEY’s…thank you! These 8 that we ordered are for the leadership in our club to show off.  I’m sure I’ll be ordering more in the very near future. Question – for a fall delivery, say October, what is the recommended time to place the order?  3 months back? Once again, your company does great work!

 Jim Kreps / Great Lakes Randonneurs - Chicago, IL

"It's here and it's awesome!!!!!!!!!  Thanks again!

Alicia Goodman - Troutman, NC

 "Chad, Jerseys arrived this past Saturday.  Just in time for our late summer tour!  They LOOK awesome, an instant classic!  More comfortable than the jerseys we spent nearly 3x as much for last year.  Posted them on our web site and got very positive response from people that weren't too sure about dropping bucks on club jerseys, so I may have to order more soon in the near future.  Thanks for your patience and help and of course craftsmanship.  Will be in touch soon, (or it may be a while, we are off for a 1000 mile bike ride this week until????...)

Greg Courtney - Buffalo Lazy Randonneur Club

"Typing this as i wallow in lushious merino wool .... The jersey arrive today! It is gorgious. Thanks a lot for organizing this. Good idea, and merits follow as far as i'm concerned".


"I received the order yesterday and had a chanc to ride in the 3/4 shorts - awesome product:) Thanks."

Emir Ibrahimpasic - Portland, OR

"Chad - I received the jersey and wore it on 2 mtb rides this weekend. It's fantastic. Keep up the good work.
Johann Miller - Belmont, CA
"We got the tops a few weeks ago and the black ones are fantastic! We love the red and white trim on them. They are the perfect colours for us."
Kerri Layton - Glen Iris, Australia
"I just wanted to tell you that I used my jersey in the Wine Country Century this weekend and it poured all 100 miles. Although the wool jersey got damp, I did not feel cold or soaked at any time. I was very happy with the feel and fit of the jersey. Thanks for a great product!! "

John F Cronin - Novato, CA
"Hey Chad, I wanted you to know I got the jerseys a few days ago. They look great and I'll have everyone let you know how much they love them. Thanks".
Candice Gay - Vanderbilt University

Hi Chad, We received the jerseys. They are beautiful. All of the students love them. Thanks."
Jason Swetnam - Totonto, Canada
"Hi Chad, I received my order today and I'm thrilled with the quality and value of your products.  I am a HUGE fan of wool and love the jersey!"
Adam Haleck - San Francisco, CA
"Jerseys arrived today and they are simply terrific!!  Thank you very much.  My brother and I will have fun with these.  I can see that I need to cook up some more orders soon."
Chuck Katz - Palo Alto, CA
"Dear Chad, We received our order of "Evanston Baptist Church" jerseys and are thoroughly satisfied, exceeding my expectations!  Thank you for good communication and a fine product.
Joseph Dittman and friends - Chicago, IL
"Chad Thank you for the order.  Great Jerseys!  Our club was very impressed with the end product, and you were great to deal with.  We already have folks wanting more jerseys.

 Brian Turnbull - Ephrata, WA

"The merino jersey has arrived. Perfect. Its exactly as I imagined. Great style and excellent quality. Thank you very much. With best regards."

Serge Natarajan - Geneva Switzerland

"Our order arrived yesterday. The quality is excellent and a great reminder of just how nice wool is to wear. I have just placed a second order. regards".

Brad Collis, Melbourne, Australia

"Chad – got the jerseys the other week and everybody loves them. They’re well made and the wool is silky soft. Great service and excellent quality at an unbeatable price. Well done. I know that there will be more requests when we start wearing these around the island. I’ll be back in touch when I have enough requests to fill an order. Regards for now."

 Gordon Black Bainbridge Island, WA

"They arrived and they are a huge hit! They look even better than expected. We will probably have to place another order soon."

Pietro Borghesi - Seattle, WA

"Chad, The shirt and knicks showed up today... I'm wearing them now.  They are both awesome! I love wool jerseys, and the customized jersey looks great!  I just rode 85 miles in my old Swobo jersey, which I can't wear without an undershirt because it is too itchy.  Yours is much softer, customized, and pretty much the same price! The knicks are sweet too!  The stretch of the fabric allows a comfortable full range of movement - even for may tree trunk thighs and bubble butt. I was a climbing guide for years and swear by the Schoeller fabric.  That stuff is about 3X the cost of the knicker fabric, though.  We'll see if the knickers hold up and resist pilling and ripping.  If they do, I'll *definitely* recommend them, and probably buy a second pair. Keep up the good work.  I'm not easily impressed, but my first impression is very positive for both the jersey and the knicks.  And your service was spot on.  A little bump at first, but nobody should expect perfection.  It's how you handle mistakes that counts most. Cheers,

Derik Andreoli - Seattle, WA

"Just to let you know the jersey turned up today...and my postman has now ordered one, too!"

Jack O'Hern - United Kingdom

"Hi, I ordered a jersey from you guys a few days ago and I love it!  I had read some weird reviews on the internet so I wanted to write about my experience, which was a positive one.  The jersey is great.  Here is what I wrote if you are interested in checking it out http://ifyoutri.blogspot.com I used one of your pictures I hope you don't mind. Thanks for a good product."

Catalina Acuna - Portland, OR.

"Hey folks- I just went for a ride in my new jersey. It's way cool and I will enjoy it for years in the cool weather. Will pass on your info.

John Schugren - Nevada City, CA

"Thanks again for the November Bicycles jerseys. They were a huge hit - so much so in fact that we need some more ....

Mike May - Bethesda, MD

"Chad.  Jersey arrived today.  It is fabulous.  Thank you very much.

Robert Conway - Thousand Oaks, CA

"Just got my new jersey yesterday, and wore it on my ride in to work today. Love it!

Bradley Irvine - Seattle, WA

 "Good morning Chad – I was pleasantly surprised when the jerseys showed up on Sat – those USPS dudes aren’t messing around!  Jerseys look f’ing stellar.  We are all uber-psyched.  I’ll be doing another order late summer in prep for the fall for sure – if you ever are in need of a reference, I’d be glad to help.  Thanks! 

Justin Bernardo - Shillington, PA

"Hello Chad, I received the short sleeve jersey you did for me with my business name embroidered on it--incredible!  It's one of the nicest pieces of clothing I have--I'm almost hesitant to wear it for fear of wearing it out.  

Ed Fall - Salt Lake City, UT

"Chad. Got the jerseys and they look great.  I dig the two new colors they were worth the wait. I'll be sporting mine on Sunday. Thanks

Jason @ subculture.  

"Just a few lines to say that I received my jersey in the post this morning. Thank You. The quality of the jersey is fantastic, and the stitching is first class.  I am so impressed, as it was a 50th birthday present from my mum and dad. The weather over here in  England, is just perfect for this jersey.  i will be wearing it with pride
this Saturday when i go out with my friends. kind regards
Stevehen Broatch - Kenilworth, U.K.

 "Hi - I received my jersey today , it's beautiful ! thank you very much , I am so impressed with the quality and design, and it's a great fit -best regards.
Daniel Woodside - Suffolk, U.K.

"I received my jersey, and just want to say thank you for the quick and friendly service. The jersey fits great, and is comfortable. I haven’t had a chance to take it out riding yet, but I have gotten a couple rainy day runs in. Very functional when cold and wet. I’m still getting use to the feel of wool, but so far I think it’s far superior to polyester. I also want to say that you did a great job at answering all my questions in a friendly manner, even though I probably could of found them all on the website. Thanks!"

Michael Mathews - Lawrence, KS

"Just a quick note to say the jerseys have arrived and to say thank you - they're excellent and everyone's really pleased with them. Cheers
Daniel Bromilow - London, UK
"I ordered the jersey on WED, 10/23/13 and just opened the package this morning FRI – 10/25/13 (2 days from ordering it on the web). Amazing! Your wool jersey product is so soft and zippers are first class, front and back. I will definitely order another jersey after verifying performance; excellent product and service. 
Richard Card - Woodland Hills, CA
"Everyone loves the jersey and the embroidery was exactly what I hoped for."
Richard West - Bellinham, WA
"Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the high-quality wool long sleeve jerseys, the excellent embroidery, and the all-round attentive, professional service. Everyone is thrilled with their new woolies and will make our winter riding much more enjoyable. 
All the best, Jay @ Ottawa Fat Bike Society 
"Hi Team, I have now ridden quite a few kilometers/miles. In your jerseys. All I can say is they have exceeded my expectations for appearance and comfort. I have now had the opportunity to use both the long sleeve and short sleeve jerseys in a range of conditions in Southern Victoria, Australia.   The best recommendation I can offer is when these wear out I will be ordering more.  Please keep up the quality in product and service.  

John Moug - Victoria, Australia

"Just received my new jersey. Absolutely first quality and fits beautifully! The lettering Spectrum is exactly what I wanted and looks great. I have paid more than your reasonable prices for "off the rack" nylon jerseys that don't come close to this. Thank you!" 

Joe Green - Ione, CA

Hi Chad-

 "just a note of appreciation: what you have are really the best cycling jerseys on the planet.I grew up biking in Germany from the 70s, and in the mid-80s when Cinelli still made wool jerseys, which was what I always wore I'll probably wear yours in the office as well as on the bike."

Cheers Stefan - Santa Clara, CA


"Chad, Got the jerseys. Great stuff. I'll definitely order again. thanks."

Earl Richardson - Lawrence, KS

 "Chad. Got my jersey and I absolutely love it. Can't wait to order more."

Paul Kopchinski - Jackson Heights, NY

"They're my favorite pair of knickers.  I won a $160 pair of Chrome knickers recently, wore them twice and the fabric is fraying.  Compare this to my Oregon Cycle knickers that I've worn hundreds of times over the past year and they look as good as new.  They're great pants at a great price.  I'll gladly wait."      

Michael Douglas - Bennington, NE

"The jersey we bought from you over a year ago is still in magnificent shape- my wife and I have both worn it a lot- and the flocked lettering is perfect. I have received many many comments about the jersey in the last year or so, including quite a few "If you sold those, I'd buy one", hence the lightbulb finally going off over my head and my writing this note today. Well, that, and my wife strongly suggesting that I really really should order some jerseys...

 Wildebeest Bicycles - Minneapolis, MN


"Got 'em and they are sweet!  Good karma today.  We've had a warm winter season so far (great for us commuters, but bad for the Olympics) and this morning was no exception.  I had both jerseys on this morning to create the perfect temperature.  What a treat. And they still smell like roses!  HAHAHA.  Thanks Chad for the goods.  Cheers and ride on!

Thomas Enns - BC Canada

"Chad, Jerseys arrived this morning. Beautiful and perfectly done. Thanks so much.

Bob Rasner - Culver City, CA
"Chad, Thanks for the jerseys, they are beautiful. You have brought smiles to many grumpy old cyclists (see photo). The wool is alot nicer than any of my other wool jerseys. You have definitely exceeded my expectations. I believe we will be making another order in the spring, these are a big hit. Thank You.
Michael Kraus - Prospect Park, NY


"Hello Chad, I just got the jersey today and that was fast. Right on the money as you suggested, medium was it and it fits perfectly. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you, beautiful work. Cannot wait to wear it".

 Giovanni Stea - Lakeside, FL


"Mr C: The fifty-pound box arrived yesterday, and all 58 jerseys are splendid. I am very pleased with the custom flocking. My mate Mary is convinced that the fabric for these tops is ever so slightly lighter in weight than was the merino in the first jersey we ordered a little over a year ago. I think they will be even better for year-round wear. Thank you for your goods and your attention to detail. Wildebeest will order again, I asure you.

 gnat - wildbeestbicycles

"Hi Chad, just wanted to let you know that I received my Black/White/Red SS jersey on Saturday and it fits great. Thanks for getting it out so quickly. Very impressed with the quality and fit of the jerseys. I rode with the long sleeve one last week when it was 38 degrees, wet and windy. Had a windbreaker and my jersey on and at least my core was warm. Look forward to trying them when the weather gets in the 60's or 70's. I will be back for more.
Mark Lawrance - Indianapolis, IN
"The jerseys arrived this afternoon. They sure do look good. Thanks again.
Michael Pinker - Ramsey New Jersey
"Thanks so much Chad. I'm wearing one of your sweaters. They're just perfect. Stand by for annual orders from now on!
Dr. John Picard - London, U.K.

"Got the jerseys—they look gorgeous! Going to sport mine on my commute home this eve. I’m psyched. Thanks for all your help.

Mattthew O'Donnell - Brunswick, ME
"Chad, I received the jersey on Friday and it looks great.  Good call on the script size, I like! I'm going to show it to my local shop and see if they are interested in ordering a batch. Thanks again!
Jason Hanen - Seattle, WA.

" Hi Chad, Just a quick note to let you know that our order has arrived. The jerseys look fantastic, and we look forward to taking in some more orders for you. The messenger pants look great, too – will definitely let people know about them. Thanks for your help, and look forward to generating more orders in the future. Cheers,

Corey Freeman - Mount Hawthorne, Australia

"Dear Chad, Just received my jersey (in France) ; just great, perfect in fact, as all the former ones I ordered !
Many thanks,
Francis Bourgeoisd Baker - lamor plage, France 

"Hi Chad, We received the shirt on saturday...thank you.  I just wanted to let you know how AWESOME the shirt is, my husband was totally thrilled.  He looks great in it, and can't wait to take his first wool shirt for a spin. Thanks again,"

Patti Martin - Simsbury, CT

"I got the package yesterday - just in time for temps in the 30s and 40s.  Beautiful!  Took my own jersey out for a test ride yesterday and it felt great.  I've been a fan of merino wool for many years, and this jersey enhances my love of the material. I'm looking forward to distributing them to the members who ordered and seeing their responses. Thanks again,

 Ann Alt - Chicago, IL

"Hi Chad - got the jerseys today - in under the customs radar, and just perfect - thanks.  We'll model them to the rest of the club and hopefully I'll get back to you with another order. Thanks again.

Mark Ashton - Fareham, U.K.

"G’day Chad, I received my jersey today and I am very happy with it.  Great look, quality and feel.  Hopefully I will get orders for more. Thanks for the service. Regards

Ari Lingham - Anglesea, Australia

"Just wanted to let you know that I love the jersey.  Got a chance to wear it out for a beautiful SoCal morning ride today.  It's super comfortable and looks great.  Thanks again.

Jace Cook - Los Angeles, CA

"Chad, Received the Jersey’s today in good order. They look great and feel also,  I am really pleased with them. Thanks and lets ride fast, 

Walter Bordes - Huizen, Netherlands

 "Hello Chad, The jersey arrived yesterday - as handsome a thing as one could hope for and with the spelling as perfect any bee would attest. Thank you for expediting its return. My brother, I am sure, will be delighted with a gift that will give his riding experience so much more greater comfort and class. Merry Christmas!

Perry Walker - Surrey, BC Canada

"Just wanted you to know we got our custom jerseys and loving them! Great fit.  Great quality.  Great price and service. Thanks so much.  You'll hear from us again.

Jason Buffington - Duluth, MN

 "The Cycling Dandys Zurich just say THANK YOU CHAD, what a jersey!!!

Oliver Schramm - Switzerland

"I just want to drop a line to say that i REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE!!! the 2 customized jerseys i order back at the beginning of december. they ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Jason Gendill

"Hello Chad, many thanks for your perfect service. The jerseys are beautiful. Best regards

Martin Luxem - Essen, Germany
"Thanks, Chad. They have arrived and they are fantastic. regards,

Stuart McMillan - South Melbourne, Australia

"I received the jerseys a few weeks ago, thanks so much! They look and feel great! Thank you for making a quality product at an affordable price! Regards,

Robby Simpson - Blacklick, OH

"Hi Chad, My Polish Flyers Sweater arrived this morning in perfect condition! Even though it took awhile I am very pleased with the quality of the product as well as the quality of lettering on the sweaters.  Your customer service response to my correspondence via email was always quick and satisfactory.  I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others in search of your product lines.
Marilyn Sobiech - Brainerd, MN

"Rode wearing this jersey last weekend. It fits well,  did a great job handling temperature variation over 3 late April morning hours, and I really love the look. Great job. Thanks.

Kevin Walsh - Toppenish, WA

"Hi Chad, It was good talking to you. As discussed, please see enclosed picture from our team Radfahrerverein Möve Beznau. This was a picture from L'Eroica in Italy this year August. Great, absolutely good quality shirts. Take care and stay in touch, we wonna order more shirts, soon. Best regards.

Erwin Birk - Germany 

"This note, somewhat tardy, is just to advise that the order was received by our friend in New York, with great delight. Many thanks for prompt and courteous service.

Robert P. Metcalfe - NY, NY


"G'day Chad. The jerseys arrived yesterday! I have to say they are absolutely excellent and I am really happy with mine. The quality is great and the flock lettering is superb. I am pretty sure that once others see us riding around in the jerseys we will be putting in some more orders in the future. The weather just needs to warm up a bit here so I don't need a gillet! Thanks again for all you help

 Jeremy Austin - Australia
"The jerseys arrived last week. They look and feel great. Thanks again for the great job. Best regards,

Serge Natarajan - Switzerland

 "My husband loved the jersey and the fit was perfect.  Thanks for the quick delivery in time for Fathers day.
Julie Weir - Kearney, NE
"Great work Chad, I love my new jerseys.  Will probably reorder in long sleeve for fall. Thanks a bunch.

 Brian Brothers - Cheyenne, WY

"By the way, I really appreciate your product and service. I had bought one a couple of years ago for a friend of mine from you and he loved it. This one is for my biz partner.

Al Rotches - Austin, TX

"To whom it may concern: I own a bicycle-based business in Portland. I end up cycling about 1,000 miles per week so I end up buying a lot of cycling clothing. I recently purchased two pair of your Messenger 3/4 pants. I really like the material, LOVE all the pockets, love that some velcro, some zip and the back pockets are deep enough to hold my iPhone. I just wanted to let you know that I love your product and the price point was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for quality, locally owned cycle clothing. A new fan,

Christina Redl - Portland, Or.
"Hi Chad, received the jerseys today. I love them! Thanks a lot. Roll on Italy!
Markus Wood - New York, NY
"Received today. Simply lovely and a great fit thanks.

James O'Conner - Dunmow, UK
"The jerseys look great. Can't wait for a cool day so I can wear it. Thanks.
Robert Charton - Carlsbad, CA
"They have arrived.  The recipients love them.  Thank you very much. Think I need to get one for me next...!
Will Meldrum - Ardingly, United Kingdom
"Hiya chad, The jerseys arrived last nite and look amazing! Thank you

Nancy McKeown - Odenton, Md 21113
"The sweaters came in, and are awesome!, I'd love to do a follow-up order of those. I'd be looking for 15-20 .
Let me know, we love the sweaters. I'll be doing another order after the holidays for those cool racing jackets....love those as well. Cheers!
Ted Peterson - Madison, WI
"All at Oregon Cyclewear, Delighted with my lovely soft long sleeved jersey. Superb quality , keep up the great work.  Best regards, Jeff
 "Jerseys just arrived, they are rad.  Thanks for getting this taken care of so quickly! 
Collin McDonald - London, UK
"Chad, The jerseys just arrived and they look excellent! Thank you for your hard work in getting these to us today!
Freyja Jons - Bainbridge Island, WA
"Hi Chad -- I got my jersey a few days ago. The size is good and it is *gorgeous*. Absolutely beautiful. I hope to wear it for years to come. Thanks very much!
Charles Cooney - Chicago, IL
"Hi Chad - The jersey came today - it's awesome!  Thanks very much. You're making it hard to be a minimalist.  I'd now like several more, but don't need several more.
Brad Zuke - Lancaster, PA
"Greetings! It arrived today, Saturday, and it's beautiful! You guys are fantastic. Many thanks.
Ethan Seltzer - Portland Or.

"RRob Dix "Thanks so much for filling my order. I am hugely pleased with my purchases! Thanks Again,

Kevin Burns - Menlo Park, CA 
 "I ordered the "Rogue" on the eighth of September and got it today.  Just to let you know that I am very pleased with the appearance and the fit is excellent. I am an older (71) rider and even though our winters are fairly mild here in Alabama, I find it difficult to keep warm enough to ride.  I think the wool, added to what I already own, will solve the problem. Again, thanks for an excellent product and rapid service.
Joseph H. Endinger - Mongomery, AL


"WOW! Great customer service. The shirts are beautiful and exceed my expectations. I tried both of them on and the fit is perfect. I can't wait to go for a ride with them.

Tom Mangano - Coralville, IA


Hi Chad -

The jersey came today - it's awesome!  Thanks very much.

You're making it hard to be a minimalist.  I'd now like several more, but don't need several more.

 Hi Chad -

The jersey came today - it's awesome!  Thanks very much.

You're making it hard to be a minimalist.  I'd now like several more, but don't need several more.

 Hi - I received my jersey today , it's beautiful ! thank you very much , I am so impressed with the quality and design, and it's a great fit -best regards , Dan